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Founded in 1985 and was joined soon after by Graeme Hurren in 1987, Tait Controls is a New Zealand industrial automation company that has software engineering capabilities ranging from small standalone controllers through to fully integrated and complex industrial systems.


At Tait Controls we have decades of experience in the dairy, fertiliser, forestry and meat industries. Our team has been involved in many projects ranging from small upgrades and improvements, to large turn-key installations and our engineers will ensure that every job is carried out safely, efficiently and to the highest quality. We’ve had the privilege of providing services to many of New Zealand’s leading industrial companies such as Fonterra, GEA, JMP and LIC and international business TetraPak. We’re CPNZ Contractor Prequalified, so we can get straight onto the job for you.

Our Mission

“Here at Tait Controls it is our mission to make your plant run smoothly. Whether it’s a small standalone controller or a fully integrated and complex industrial system, we will work with you to achieve quality plant integration and automation for your business.”

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