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Sarah | Hamilton | Tait Controls


Automation Engineer

Sarah Clark was based at Tait Controls during 2003 researching and developing industrial ethernet protocols as part of her post graduate studies after completing a Bachelor in Engineering Technology (Electronics & Electrical Engineering) at Massey University.  Sarah then joined Tait Controls on a permanent basis and now provides expertise and vision involving system integration through the design, implementation, management and support of systems such as PLC, SCADA and MES and other systems, both domestic and international.

Sarah provides experience in a wide range of industries with multiple software and hardware platforms. 

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Automation Engineer

Paul Fransen has been part of the Tait Controls team since 1997 as an Electrical and Automation Engineer. With more than 20 years’ experience in the automation industry, Paul has a first-hand account of how the industry has changed and developed, taking a keen interest in keeping up with these changes and new products ensuring that these are incorporated into the control system designs that he engineers

Paul qualified as an electrician in 1986 and completed his apprenticeship as an electrical fitter for the Electrical Division of the Ministry of Energy, working on power sites in the Waikato.

He later went on to complete his advanced trades before going on to complete his NZCE electrical.

Graeme | Hamilton | Tait Controls


Managing Director


Graeme Hurren has been Managing Director of Tait Controls since 2011, having joined the company in 1987 as an automation engineer, he has more than 30 years of global automotive experience across multiple industries specializing in dairy, fertilizer, and canning. 


In a career that has spanned over nearly four decades Graeme qualified as an electrician in 1980, doing his apprenticeship in Te Puke and working as an electrician at the Morrinsville Dairy Factory where he was involved in the introduction of automation to the company, as well as the Electrician and Automation lead for Dairy Containers (now known as Canpack).


He later went on to earn his Post Graduate Degree in Business Management in 2000 from the Waikato University in Hamilton

Phill | Hamilton | Tait Controls


Senior Automation Engineer

Since joining Tait Controls in 2015, Phill Moore has been a Senior Automation Engineer, where he has taken the lead in senior electrical designer, software and documentation development for the Company.

He started his career with technical grounding from completing an Electrical Fitters Apprenticeship with the Royal New Zealand Navy in 1991, this set in motion the high standard of workmanship and discipline which has been a cornerstone of Phill’s career which continues to be evident to this day.
After leaving the Navy in 2000 he started at Independent Extrusions Ltd (INEX) as an electrical fitter then promoted to a supervisory technical development role, as part of this role managed and directed the installation and commissioning of their second extrusion line and factory service. In 2005 Phill joined RML Automation as an Automation Engineer where he formed part of the growth of the groups automation development
Phill is a Certified Machinery Safety Expert (TUV CMSE®).


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