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Database Engineering

Tait Controls provides integration between plant floor and IT management databases. We have worked on several installations where information is sent from a database to the production PLC. The product is tracked through to palletising and the pallet details sent from the PLC back up to the database.

Tait Controls have been successfully engineering databases for plants for a number of years now. We take information from Plant floor PLC's, then put the information into a database so that the details can be interpreted by other people. There are several reasons that plant personnel would want access to this information, a couple of examples would be if you are asked to provide product information to your customer, or if you need to access the details for health and safety reasons.  


This type of database interfacing is not something that most Systems Integrators would be comfortable with or able to offer, but Tait Controls are able to make use of an OPC server which means that we are now able to send data across. The way this is achieved is by sending data through an Ethernet TCP connection from ControlLogix/ComactLogix PLCs.


Click here to see how database integration was used for a project at Greenlea Meats.

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