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Electrical Design

Need new machine controls, replacement or a control cabinet updating? Tait controls can help.

All controls have a finite life span before components can no longer be sourced and new components have to be substituted for old ones, which is where Tait Controls comes in. We are able to apply a cost effective solution to electrical controls.

Electrical design | Hamilton | Tait Controls

As a systems integrator we are often exposed to the latest products available, which means that YOU are too. New equipment gives us the opportunity to upgrade your system to the latest features and the most cost effective manufacturing techniques, which of course leads to good value components and products that we can use in the design of your control system.

The team here at Tait Controls have many years of experience in control systems and we can tailor an appropriate controls solution. We have safety certified staff that can add their design experience to make sure all controls are compliant.

Click here to read how Tait Controls have used Electrical Design with Ballance Agri-Nutrients.

Electrical Design and services offered by Tait Controls include:

  • System architecture design

  • CAD draughting

  • Hardware specification

  • Hardware purchasing

  • Full documentation

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