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Canpac Blend-Aid

Canpac blend-aid | Hamilton | Tait Controls

At the end of 2004 Tait Controls began work on the automation of a conveyor system for a new CMP meat works at Rangitikei. This state-of-the-art plant uses RFID tracking  to track the lamb carcasses from the slaughter floor, right through to packaging. TCS (NZ) Ltd provided the RFID readers and tags.

Tait Controls provided PLC and HMI engineering for the boning, packing, packaging, tray wash and storage, and the buffer chiller rooms. As each bin of meat moves through the boning room, it is tracked via RFID with readers placed at critical points. A database tracks the movements of the trays and determines their destination.

Tait Controls designed the control system for the buffer chiller, a chilled room that contains temporary storage for for up to 704 trays of meat. The trays are loaded and unloaded from the storage racks by a robot as required by the boning room. Tait Controls provided an efficient tracking system for this room that was able to quickly respond to the boning rooms demands.

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