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Product Recovery Improvement


INEX has a process improvement team that identifies ways of improving performance as well as resolving process bottle necks. This team brings us changes to their process operation for some of their products.

Tait’s provided and tested a solution that allowed the operator to select a new mode of operation that on these products have led to a 6% increase in product recovery which resulted in an increase 15% more finished product per hour on these products. Less scrap means more profit.

Once we had identified what was required we provide the PLC engineering to create a new mode of operation and HMI changes for the operators to select and control this mode.

INEX case study | Hamilton | Tait Controls

Operator Live Efficiency Reporting


We introduced a live reporting system that allowed the operators to view their current billet and job KPI’s in a up to the minute reporting rather than waiting to next day to see if they had meet targets.

This live system has resulted in the operators identifying and in many cases self-rectifying many issues that had been unseen before.

During this process the operator can now identify waste time and other variables, this allows them to tweak their current running parameters and maximize performance. This has now also given the team the tools to identify other areas of improvement.

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